Student’s name_________________________ Therapists name___________________   Date__________________  Location_________________________   What does the child like to do?         What brings a gleam to his/her eye?  Give examples.       What does the child find challenging, disengage from?       Does the child like to be touched?  How?Read More →

Training •      Interdisciplinary Team Training Should Occur Prior to the Start of the Program •      This Should Include Everyone Involved with the Child’s Program (Parents, Teachers, Speech, OT, and PT Therapists, Aides, Specials Teachers and Home Therapists) •      Student Should be Observed at Their Current Placement by the Staff inRead More →

CELEBRATE THE CHILDREN (SCALS)   Classroom Aide/Personal Aide Accountability These areas will be checked randomly, rated and kept in staff’s file   NAME OF STAFF MEMBER:                                     DATE: ___________   NAME OF EVALUATOR:  _____________   1-Unsatisfactory       2-Satisfactory     3-Excellent            NA-Not Applicable            Child(ren) kept positively engaged at all times         Read More →

Therapists name___________________  Student’s name_________________________   Date__________________  Location_________________________   “What goal(s) did I work on?       “Did I get the gleam in the eye?  Explain how and give examples.         Was I able to sustain interactions? Explain how and give examples.         DidRead More →