Mindful Education – Mainstream Practice? We hear it constantly: mindfulness, balance, breathe. To fight stress, to have better lives. And happiness. And recently we hear how important it is to learn these things in school, earlier and earlier. Sure – but how do we really do that and does itRead More →

One of the unfortunate aspects of playing video games is that they often lead to isolation and irritability, especially in kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). What if there was a game that combines the allure of gaming and leverages – without demanding – that the energy be directed towardsRead More →

Dana Walrath – Like Water on Stone Genocide is incomprehensible. Maus made the European Jewish Holocaust more accessible, using a graphic novel format. Walrath uses verse to tell of the Armenian Genocide, reminiscent of the book of Lamentations describing the desolation of Jerusalem after the Babylonian siege in 586 BCE. ButRead More →

KPBS did a recent article, for which I am grateful, mainly as they included my concerns about the problem of compliance training as a core aim of intervention creating more vulnerability in an already vulnerable population Hiding in plain sight: Autism research unmasks gender disparities  Read More →

Quick Guide for Emergency Services First Responders for Persons with Autism and Related Disorders     grey pause button  When things are already escalated: Pause – quietly observe Stay calm – use few words, simple and supportive: ‘We can figure this out’. Wait – allow time for the person toRead More →

Spreading the word: Reflective Process – What it is and why it’s important*  Joshua D. Feder, M.D. We all face daily challenges: caring for family members, working with colleagues, perhaps supervising others or responding to a boss.  Sometimes we know what to do, even if we have to bear some discomfort,Read More →

  Graphic Medicine : pictures for care and healing As many people know, my talks are big on repeated images: a (borrowed) ven diagram to explain how the elements of evidence based practice combine in true informed consent*; a heart to remind people that with all we do it isRead More →

A Pause During Battle: Tech Play Engaged in a pitched battle, our rag tag DIR/Floortime Coaliton of California, fighting hard for the rights of families to have access to all evidence based approaches, including developmental ones, is pitted against an array of companies and organizations devoted to ensuring that onlyRead More →

Evidence Based Practice – An Overview Defining Evidence Based Practice: Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is a process for making better clinical treatment decisions.  In EBP we consider relevant research about a condition and think about what might be useful based on clinical judgment and experience.  We then talk with familiesRead More →

It’s not uncommon: a patient or family member is in severe distress and we need to figure out what to do and find resources right away.  This week SAMHSA the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, released an excellent free app that helps us during difficult moments when weRead More →