January 2017
Reflective Parenting Program Level I.

2002 – 2014
HOPE Infant Family Support Program. Volunteer monthly case review and discussion, Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego Developmental Staff added in 2003- 2011. (Combined with ICDL work above).

2007 – 2009
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Liaison
Board of Directors, Canyon Crest Academy Foundation.

1998 to 2009
Consultant, Toddler School/ Alexa’s Playc, Children’s Hospital and Health Center, San Diego, CA, beginning June.

2000- 2002
Volunteer Consultant to Solana Beach School District; Dad’s Connection, School Violence.

1998 -1999
Committee on Elder Services. San Diego Chapter, United Jewish Federation. Assisting in allocation of funds for service programs for seniors.

Fall 1996
Volunteer Staff, teaching child and adolescent psychopathology, Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA.

Management Development Course, Bethesda, Maryland. Selected “Best Writer”.

1993 – 1996
Neurobehavioral medicine clinic in setting of a teaching institution for children with developmental disorders. NNMC 1993 – 1996.

Intermediate Navy Leadership Course, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

1992 to present
Elementary school and child development center consultation in Hawaii, Maryland, and California1.

USS Raleigh, LPD-1, Norfolk, Virginia. Conducted mass casualty drills at sea. Reviewed heat stress and hearing conservation programs for military vessels.

Officer Indoctrination School, Newport, Rhode Island.

Behavioral work with adults with severe autism and related disorders.

Electrical instrument technician.

Daily care of children with severe neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g. congenital Rubella syndrome).

1979 – 1980
College teaching assistant in engineering.

Heavy industrial laborer.

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