Celebrate the Children  Developmental Individual Relationship-based Intervention www.celebratethechildren.org 55 Lackawanna Drive, Stanhope, NJ 07874 Phone:  973-448-0041       Fax:  973-448-0200   Team Communication Log   Student:________________________________   Week:_________________________, 200___   Please list goals and strategies of the week here   Name:_____________________________ Discipline:____________________________ Date:______                    Read More →

Teacher Supervision Reflection Questions     Name:_________________________   Date:_______________________________   How does this presentation build off past recommended actions?   How was instruction differentiated for the different levels of students and individual IEP goals?  How were individual IEP goals targeted?    Note the modifications for the students who needed them (e.g.,Read More →

TEACHER EVALUATION   NAME OF TEACHER:_______________________________ DATE:______________   NAME OF EVALUATOR/POSITION_______________________________________        EVALUATION KEY: O:   OUTSTANDING S:     SATISFACTORY I:     IMPROVING NI:   NEEDS IMPROVEMENT U:    UNSATISFACTORY   TEACHING COMPONENTS   1.         Maintains a favorable physical environment in the classroom      ___________ 2.         Plans and prepares on a weekly basis.                                       ___________ 3.        Read More →

CELEBRATE THE CHILDREN (SCALS)  Classroom Aide/Personal Aide Accountability These areas will be checked randomly, rated and kept in staff’s file   Date: June 2, 2006                  Evaluator:   1-Unsatisfactory           2-Satisfactory               3-Excellent       NA-Not Applicable   ____Child(ren) kept positively engaged at all times   ____Good use of affect   ____Communication devices used consistentlyRead More →

Interdisciplinary Planning Sheet   Activity Name:                                   Academic/NJ CCCS Area(s):                                                               Date: Faculty NameÞ Student Nameß DIR Sean Academic Sean OT Carrie PT Lisa Speech Lynn ___Nurse___ Mary Hugo -Use words to initiate -Counting 1-10 -Tracking Items -Holding items   -Strengthen Trunk -Use two words to be intentional   Jack  Read More →